ABB technology to strengthen power grid in Turkey

ABB technology to strengthen power grid in Turkey

High-voltage circuit breaker order to boost electricity supply

ABB has won an order from leading utility Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) to support the modernization of power infrastructure in the country and growing demand for electricity.

Over the past 12 years, demand for electricity has doubled in Turkey, driven by economic expansion, rising per capita income, and the high rate of urbanization. To help meet the growing demand, ABB will supply 170-kilovolt (kV) and 420 kV Live Tank Breakers (LTB) that will be installed in various substations throughout the country. This is part of the country’s ongoing plan to modernize its power infrastructure by replacing aging equipment in an effort to secure energy supply.

Circuit breakers are vital components to ensure safe and efficient switching operations in substations. ABB’s LTB circuit-breaker technology provides a flexible, cost-efficient and eco-efficient solution to increase the reliability of power networks.

“We are pleased to support TEIAS in their modernization initiative to strengthen the power network in Turkey,” said Giandomenico Rivetti, Head of ABB’s High Voltage Products Business Unit, a part of the company’s the Power Grids division. “Our well proven live tank circuit-breaker technology will help to increase transmission capacity and boost reliability to support the country’s power sector development plan.”

In a power system, a switchgear controls and protects the network from system faults that may occur due to various reasons, such as lightning strikes or short-circuits, and can lead to network failure.

ABB offers a comprehensive range of high-voltage products, up to 1200 kilovolts Alternating Current (AC) and 1100 kilovolts Direct Current (DC), that help enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of power grids while minimizing environmental impact. ABB has an unparalleled track record with about a million high voltage switchgear installations across the world.



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