ABB technologies support win for Niessen space‚ Salón de espejos, in Casa Decor 2020 awards

At the 8th annual Decor and Interior Design Awards of Casa Decor, the Hall of Mirrors space designed by Marta Alonso and Imanol Calderón from Mayice Studio for Niessen, was given the highest award.


Featuring smart home technologies from ABB, the interactive space combined classic aesthetics with an automated central table capable of regulating the lights of the space depending on the time of day, thus offering a unique atmosphere while delivering against this year's key theme for the awards, sustainability.

The space transmits respect for the environment through two aspects: on the one hand, the incorporation of products designed under the standards of Environmental Management and Ecodesign, such as the Zenit Series, but also through the use of carefully selected materials .

The Decor and Interior Design Awards of Casa Decor are held annually with the aim of highlighting the work of great professionals in the sector in interior design matters, highlighting the special contribution of decorators, architects and interior designers. Due to the exceptional situation, the gala was held online through a live event that was attended by an outstanding jury: Javier Muñoz, interior designer and Casa Decor 2020 Honor Award winner, Soledad Lozano, director of the Spanish Architecture and Design magazine, Sofía Ruiz de Velasco, director of SModa magazine, Beatriz Silveira, interior designer, winner of Award for the best Casa Decor Project 2013, and Ángel Verdú, interior designer and winner of the award for the Best Casa Decor Project 2019.

Featured items in the Niessen space

ABB-free@home® technology was integrated within the creation, enabling visitors to participate in the unique lighting effects produced by the ethereal glass structures and focusing attention on how to control energy consumption both in homes and buildings, through technological innovation.

ABB-secure@home technology has also been included in the Casa Decor space, demonstrating more functionalities to ABB-free@home® in order to guarantee greater security in the home, through a simple system of technical alarms and anti-intrusion features. Safety and simplicity are ensured both inside and outside the home and can be managed from a smartphone.

The recently launched Zenit switch series completes the space and is automatically integrated with ABB-free@home®. Its range of modern materials such as stainless steel, wood, slate or glass offer simplicity and geometry and support sustainability objectives for buildings, having been designed according to standards of Environmental Management and Ecodesign.



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