ABB solutions bring high-quality customer experience for the Novotel at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center

With leading intelligent technologies and high-quality products, ABB provides integrated solutions that echo the needs and business philosophies of the Novotel at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.


From guest rooms, restaurants, conference rooms to banquet halls, ABB i-bus® KNX intelligent building control system enables the efficient and effective management of electrical loads across the hotel to conserve energy and reduce emission. The optimized management of all electrical systems makes it easy for the hotel staff to create a comfortable and secure environment for their guests. Using the easy-to-operate ABB i-bus® KNX intelligent building control system the staff can create the perfect atmosphere by optimizing a combination of elements such as lighting, temperature and fresh air to ensure the hotel guests have only wonderful memories and a desire to return.

“How to create a perfect hotel that truly operates efficiently and attracts guests in the modern society, is a question that we have been thinking about since the hotel was planned. A green hotel management approach full of ‘the human touch’ that delivers a comfortable guest experience, high energy efficiency and low environmental impact was the goal. And the ABB i-bus® KNX intelligent building control system is the enabler for our hotel. It is important to Novotel that its business is sustainable, especially since it will host many large conferences and activities in its lifetime, where the scheduling of electricity utilization in public space can help avoid energy waste. The innovative and intelligent technologies from ABB exactly fit in with our business philosophy and requirements, making our perfect hotel idea a reality,” said the Head of the Novotel at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Ultimate comfort

- Each of the 352 guest rooms is designed with the golden ABB Uni-Yue series of electrical wiring accessories with their aesthetically artistic touch and arc-shaped frame structure, which enhances the visual experience in the rooms. ABB Uni-Yue series features ultra-thin all-straight border design, with steel mounting frame and sturdy construction, and includes multi-border switch variants and infrared wall foot light switches, which add to the opulence experienced by the guests.

- The ABB i-bus® KNX intelligent building control system helps improve the comfort level while reducing energy consumption. Moreover, it can adjust the room temperature and air quality based on the number of guests, allowing the hotel to maintain an atmosphere of fresh air at an ideal room temperature.

- The intelligent control application that integrates an average of 20-30 circuits including lighting, curtains and air-conditioning system in each guest room, creates a warm atmosphere that allows guests to feel totally at home.

Green and energy-efficient

The ABB i-bus® KNX intelligent building control system helps improve the energy efficiency of the hotel, making ’the impossible’ a reality. The KNX system provides accurate and automatic control and real-time monitoring of all energy-consuming equipment, while continuously lowering energy consumption wherever it can, contributing greatly to the green and sustainable operation of the hotel.

- ABB i-bus® KNX intelligent building control system boosts the management of electrical assets in the hotel by providing a centralized control system for all electrical circuits including lighting and air-conditioning in the shared spaces of the hotel to ensure unoccupied spaces are not wasting energy.

-By using motion detectors and timing triggered approaches, the hotel is able to deliver on its goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. Situational linkage control between motion sensing & detection and lighting and air-conditioning, for example, helps the hotel reduce unoccupied lighting and air-conditioning energy consumption in shared space by about one hour a day on average.

Efficient and reliable

The hotel operation & management staff can rely on the ABB intelligent control system to deliver efficient management and control of electrical equipment at any time. The hotel staff can control various terminal circuits via the ABB enclosures and breakers to ensure safe and reliable daily electricity use. Moreover, efficient and accurate management allows the hotel staff to rest easy knowing that the system is monitoring and maintaining various electrical and lighting facilities required to protect guest in the hotel 24/7.

As the competition in the modern hotel industry intensifies, knowing how to grow the hotel occupancy rate by meeting the personalized requirements of guests with brilliant and considerate design has become a primary focus for hotel management companies and owners. What’s more, as the complexity of energy system and energy costs in hotels increase, energy efficiency has become an essential enabler for their sustainable development. With globally leading and reliable high-performance products, technologies and solutions, as well as rich and well-proven application experience, ABB can help create warm, comfortable and safe hotels, and effectively improve the power supply reliability and electrical efficiency.

Located in the northeast of Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, the Novotel is a key project in the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. With a total building area of approximately 47,000m2, the Novotel is a focal point with 25-stories, a four-floor multi-functional wing and three-floor basement. The hotel is entrusted to Accor Hotel Management Group for daily operation and management. With more than 350 spacious and elegant premium guest rooms, business suites of various styles, and a wide range of functional activity spaces, including restaurants and conference rooms, the Novotel can serve various meetings and activities well at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.


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