Mimer and the source of wisdom controls and monitors drinking water and wastewater within VA SYD, Sweden

Through our Channel Partner in Sweden, AFRY, ABB has sold the 800xA control system to VA SYD, where they will replace the existing Scada system.

The 800xA system has been named Mimer from nordic mythology, where Mimer's well is the source of wisdom. According to the myth, those who drink from Mimer's well should be able to see and hear everything that has happened and everything that will happen.

Mimer controls and monitors

And that's exactly how it will be - in a couple of years, Mimer will be the system that controls and monitors all drinking water and sewage systems within VA SYD.
The project will run over five years and will begin in parallel with Sjölunda sewage treatment plant and Bulltofta Waterworks.
VA SYD has with its five municipalities Burlöv, Eslöv, Lomma, Lund and Malmö half a million customers, which makes VA SYD one of the country's largest organizations for water and waste water.

VA SYD presentation

One of the larger 800xA installations in northern Europe

This will be among the larger 800xA water and waste water installations in northern Europe when completed. The vision includes having a system from a supplier with an automation platform for the entire VA SYD.
This project will replace all existing old Scada Systems with the new 800xA in a phased approach.

The project includes:

  • large water and waste water plants
  • 400 smaller facilities such as pumping stations and waterworks
  • 430 PLCs (AC800M)
  • 30,000 redundant tags
  • 15 operator workplaces
  • 10 engineering workplaces
  • PLC Connect, Advant Connect
  • High Integrity

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