ABB Indonesia’s Vice President Director gets COVID-19 jab as Indonesia’s vaccination enters the next phase

ABB Indonesia’s Vice President Director gets COVID-19 jab as Indonesia’s vaccination enters the next phase

Indonesia’s COVID-19 vaccination program enters its next phase when seniors across the country start getting their jabs. ABB Indonesia’s Vice President Director, Ir. Dodon Mutiara Ramlie received his first dose of the vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotech at RSUD Pasar Minggu on February 27, 2021.

Ir. Dodon M. Ramlie is the Vice President Director and the first person in ABB Indonesia to have a COVID-19 shot, to give all ABB employees the confidence that the vaccine is safe and effective. This to curb surging infections and deaths in Indonesia as the worst-hit country in South-east Asia.

Sharing his experience after getting his jab, Ir. Dodon M. Ramlie, better called Pak Dodon, said the doctor had asked if he had ever tested positive for COVID-19, or if he had a cold or cough or suffered from kidney and heart diseases as preliminary questions. He encourages all ABB employees to also get jabs to protect themselves from the virus. He will later on receive his second dose on March 27, a month-length from the first one.

“My fellow ABB colleagues, I started a big effort as a citizen to be free of this pandemic by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at RSUD Pasar Minggu, “ said Pak Dodon. Though he registered to get vaccinated independently, this is in line with ABB Indonesia goal to keep up our safe management measures longer and more strictly. “We are still managing to achieve as high as a level of population coverage as possible within ABB. That is ABB’s top priority, to make sure that most of the employees get vaccinated.”

Michael Hose, Country Managing Director. ABB Indonesia appraises Pak Dodon’s decision to participate in the government vaccination program. He also cautions all employees that after getting vaccinated, this does not mean that life can go back to how it was pre-pandemic as it does not mean everyone will be safe. He further emphasizes that we still must be vigilant and make sure our health is our priority. The ABB management hopes a high vaccination coverage in the company will later indirectly protect those who are unable to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

“This COVID-19 vaccine is what we’ve been waiting for, for a long time. If in a short future, ABB manages to roll out vaccination program for its employees, I do hope all employees take this opportunity, so they can protect themselves, and most importantly, their family, “ explained Pak Dodon.

ABB Indonesia is also stepping up our outreach and engagement efforts to all employees across all businesses, to let them know what this is about, give them more information about the vaccination and also the overall planning.

“We do expect a significant participation from our employees on the vaccination program from now onwards, and once again, we would encourage everyone to step forward, be vaccinated when you are offered the chance, “ Michael added.

For further info related to government vaccination program, please visit: (find the keyword "Situasi COVID-19",, and



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