ABB’s Data Care ensures easy sharing of Finnish utility’s relay data

ABB’s Data Care ensures easy sharing of Finnish utility’s relay data

Innovative digital solution offered to ESE Verkko in Finland

ESE Verkko, a Finnish electrical utility, entrusted ABB to provide a secure solution to store and share protection relay data and files via Data Care, the ABB Ability™ Backup Management for electrical systems.

Smooth relay operation requires reliable information to be easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Given the complexity of today’s multifunction protection relays and diminishing knowledge of older protection relays, maintaining a substation’s information such as relay configuration, recommended settings, drawings, wiring diagrams and disturbance recordings, firmware updates, and relay test reports is of critical importance. Storing such information in devices such as laptops or other backup devices carries the risk of losing the entire data in case the device malfunctions.

Data Care’s advanced web-based, data-sharing and backup service provides structured storage of the relay’s technical documentation at one place, so the team at ESE Verkko knows exactly where the latest settings, configurations, configurations, and test reports are located, which is particularly useful in case of relay maintenance activities. Data Care enables easy online access to information on protection and control relays throughout their entire lifecycle, among employees, subcontractors, and service providers, making it the perfect fit for ESE Verkko.


“We are very pleased with ABB’s Data Care solution. Our protection relay-related data can now be stored securely, and accessed and shared easily, making our relay operations more reliable and efficient now and in the future,” said Pasi Luukkonen, Operations Manager, ESE Verkko.

Data Care also allows access for firmware updates, to ensure optimal usability throughout the entire life cycle by offering the latest improvements online. This also represents an integral part of ABB’s life cycle management of protection relays.

“Using Data Care, our team is able to upload all the relevant data so that the ESE Verkko team can access everything in one place. With this access, ABB can respond quickly whenever the customer needs support,” said Janne Sillanpää, Service product specialist ABB Electrification business area. “ABB experts can access disturbance recordings for in-depth fault analysis and take remedial measures. Upon return from repair, the latest relay data can be easily uploaded from the storage space to the protection relay.”

Data Care is available as a subscription-based service through ABB Ability Marketplace™, which makes ABB’s software services accessible from one central portal.

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