Continual communication and quick action strengthen customer/supplier relationship

When Price Pump Company was founded in 1932, its focus was on agricultural applications. Today, the company has shifted that focus to industrial and special-purpose pumps and manufactures centrifugal and air-operated diaphragm pumps for the finished chemical, industrial laser and semiconductor manufacturing markets, among others.

New technology and changing markets have continued to prompt the evolution of Price Pump’s products and manufacturing facilities. Maintaining its emphasis on providing pumps for new technologies, Price Pump has applied standard pump design to innovative new pump applications and methods of manufacture. About 80 percent of the liquid-cooled laser manufacturers in the United States use the company’s pumps to move ultra-pure water to cool lasers for medical and industrial use.

Price Pumps’ centrifugal pumps require motors from 1/10 to 100 HP, and the company relies on ABB to provide Baldor-Reliance® pump and general purpose motors for many of these applications. Price Pump emphasizes its competitive edge by providing superior service and technical support, competitive prices and quick deliveries to meet the challenging needs of its customers, and the company expects its business partners to provide the same level of service.

"Without suppliers with similar goals and customer-valued support, we would not be able to achieve our goals and objectives,” said Jestin Plowright, VP Sales and Marketing. “Price Pump has enjoyed a strong relationship with ABB; during our time in California, after our move to Idaho in 2018 and throughout the uncertain times of the past year.”

Price Pump values supplier relationships, and while the COVID pandemic put a temporary stop to in-person visits, virtual discussions and constant contact between ABB and Price Pump remained strong. These discussions positioned ABB as a preferred partner to help Price Pump expand into several new markets and continue to lead the industry with fast-engineered pump solutions using the innovative and trusted technology of Baldor-Reliance motors.

While issues are bound to arise in any customer/supplier relationship, continual communication between Price Pump and ABB’s Sales and Quality teams helps identify problems before they become serious and allows both parties to work towards mutually beneficial solutions. ABB’s quick action to address challenges and implement improvements, and our teams’ focus on quality and customer service, continue to strengthen our relationship and position ABB as a trusted partner.


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