A smart home with ABB free@home

ABB’s home automation system installed at a private residence in Sofia allows the family to experience comfort and safety and benefit from energy efficiency

ABB together with Building Technology, its leading system integrator partner, have recently implemented ABB’s free@home smart solution at a family house in Sofia.

ABB-free@home® is a home automation system where blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning, door communication and home appliances can be controlled intuitively, achieving comfort, safety and energy efficiency. The control could be done via a switch on the wall, via voice-control or remotely with a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Also, all functions in the house can be managed automatically – according to schedule, sun set or sun rise, temperature and the presence of people – or be called up at the touch of a button.

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A comfortable lifestyle

Having their home fully equipped with ABB’s free@home smart home solution, the owners can now have full control over the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in the house, lighting, door entry and audio systems, as well as integration with various appliances by Sonos, Amazon Alexa, Miele. Also, ABB’s future® linear - black matt switches and sockets support the design aesthetics of the home. The control panels in each room allow precise setting of temperature and control over lighting and audio systems and the mobile application gives the option for remote access and control over all systems via any smart device.

The newest functionalities of the ABB free@home system, such as voice commands, DALI light management and remote control via the newest mobile application ABB free@home Next® bring an additional value to the system capabilities.

Taking advantage of all these features, the family can clearly notice the considerable improvement in their lifestyle, feeling safer and more comfortable.

Safety and Control

ABB free@home offers improved security allowing the users to monitor their house remotely from anywhere in the world.

Remote control over the home systems via the newest mobile application ABB free@home Next®
Remote control over the home systems via the newest mobile application ABB free@home Next®

“It gives me a sense of complete control over the house. You can do everything with ease. When I come home, whether from shopping or a walk with the child, often it is very stressful, the baby is crying, my hands are full and when I open the door in advance from my phone through the automation system, the lights turn on and the house is ready for us.” – says Ms. Ilcheva, owner of the residence.

Energy Efficiency

The usage of automated lighting and HVAC systems leads to overall reduction of energy consumption and lowered monthly bills, resulting in 35% reduction of costs for lighting and 20% decrease of costs for heating and air conditioning.

“The usage of home automation solution allows energy efficiency, comfort and security to be easily implemented. Choosing to work with ABB’s products and solutions was a decision supported by the constant quality and flexibility, which the company provides. Our long-term partnership will help end users benefit from the cutting-edge technologies and secure solution in smart homes,” said Moharem Mehmed, CEO of Building Technology.

ABB’s leading partner in building automation Building Technology Ltd. is in the process of opening a dedicated smart home showroom, where all features of ABB free@home can be seen in full operation and in integration with different ranges of ABB switches and sockets. In the showroom, the users will be able to get familiar with the advantages and possible functions of the ABB smart home systems, and architects will be able to get a touch of the different ranges of ABB switches and sockets offered in a wide range of colors and frames from various natural materials.

ABB’s contribution to the Smart Building sector development in Bulgaria

With the recent growth of demand for smart services, IoT-enabled devices and automation technologies, ABB has identified the need for strengthening its presence with a common approach, combining the different aspects of home automation in a single solution with ABB free@home. The ability to have full control over a house or an apartment and its installed systems is becoming a more desirable feature in modern homes among architects, designers, construction companies and system integrators.

Since its first appearance on the Bulgarian market in the Smart Home sector in 2010, ABB has already integrated its home automation solutions in numerous houses, villas and apartments. In the last 3 years the number of home automation projects has been growing substantially and ABB free@home has become an easily recognizable solution for home automation due to its ease of use and variety of functions.


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