Visit ABB’s Distribution Solutions factory in Brno, Czech Republic, directly from your office or home

Visit ABB’s Distribution Solutions factory in Brno, Czech Republic, directly from your office or home

Take the new Virtual Factory Tour and explore the production halls of medium voltage (MV) air and gas insulated switchgear, low voltage (LV) switchgear, and the biggest MV IEC Instrument Transformers and Sensors factory in the world. You can also find many other product lines produced in Brno, Czech Republic, conveniently and directly from your office or home.

Even two years after the outbreak, the COVID-19 pandemic affects each of our lives, also limiting the possibilities of travel and factory visits In order for our customers, partners, suppliers and other inter-ested parties to be still able to explore the Distribution Solutions division’s production facilities in Brno, Czech Republic, ABB has launched a virtual factory tour.

The Brno factory was founded in 1887 and became part of ABB in 1993. Today, the factory covers an area of 162,000 square meters and employs almost two thousand people. The products manufactured here are delivered to some of the world’s most demanding projects and can be found in the Burj Kha-lifa, the Facebook data center in Lulea, Sweden, Dubai International Airport, the London Underground and other iconic places around the world.

With a single click you can now follow the production process of both air and gas insulated MV switchgear such as UniGear Digital and LV switchgear including NeoGear, the revolutionary safest low voltage switchgear ever made.  

You can explore the compact e-house substations, digital solution center, see the service workspace or visit the state-of-the-art technical laboratory.

Our factory in the Czech Republic is one of several ABB factories globally that specializes in the development and delivery of integrated eHouse and skidded electrification solutions that are pre-engineered and pretested to help our clients to deploy projects faster by minimizing installation times, reducing on-site related risks while enabling safer working conditions.

In Brno, we have an entire execution team that includes engineering, project management, production, quality, where together with our site teams we are ready to also support the site execution, with installation and commissioning activities at the final destination.

Also featured in the tour is one of our Digital Solutions Centers. This is where we synergize and leverage expertise in System Architecture design and Power Studies and Consulting to create standardized solutions for global customers, along with customized solutions for those with more specific requirements, to boost the overall digitalization content of our Electrification solutions. 

Explore the factory via following link: ABB Brno ( 


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