A trustful partnership with ABB helps Jämtkraft, a Swedish utility company to extend assets’ lifetime and enable circularity

A trustful partnership with ABB helps Jämtkraft, a Swedish utility company to extend assets’ lifetime and enable circularity

ABB provided life cycle services for the motors and drives that control critical equipment at Jämtkraft’s factory for >20 years. Performed modernization services prolonged the equipment’s lifetime and helped to avoid premature scrapping and reduce waste, by reusing the existing infrastructure. Proven long-term cooperation resulted in the signing of a service agreement between Jämkraft and ABB.

Strategic partnership for over 20 years with ABB

Jämtkraft, an innovative, Swedish-based utility company that dates back over 125 years, offers renewable energy services to residential and business customers. The company began its strategic partnership with ABB in 2000s, by purchasing ABB motors and drives. Over the following years, Jämtkraft’s trust in ABB as a partner, proven by performing reliable and proactive on-site support services, workshop repairs, and reactive services resulted in signing a service agreement.

Life-cycle management and modernization services for improving reliability

ABB Motion’s life-cycle planning services help customers in increasing production capacity, lowering energy consumption and maintenance costs, and extending the life of critical equipment to guarantee that business or process goals are accomplished.

Over the years, the ABB Motions Services team delivered tailored-made solutions, that helped Jämtkraft to extend the life cycle of the assets, enhanced their performance and, as the result, contributed to their sustainability goals. The performed modernization services enabled the customer to keep the existing infrastructure and change only the components inside. This helps to avoid premature scrapping, and reduce waste, which resulted in ~10 tons of CO2 emission saved in comparison with the full replacement of the equipment1. For reference, this is an equivalent of a car driving on gasoline for ~57,000 km or ~5 years.

"ABB has been our reliable service partner for many years. The services offered are tailored to our operating requirements. For example, we completed nine retrofits of our existing drives to bring them into the active phase of their life cycle. Since existing cabinets were used for the retrofits, there were no substantial modifications to the current infrastructure. This reduced the overall expenditure for the modernization project, while also allowing us to execute it more sustainably,” said Anders Gjerstad, Automation Engineer from Jämtkraft.

Digital monitoring prevents unexpected downtime

Since 2020, Jämtkraft has benefited from ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for powertrains on its two variable speed drives as part of the tailored service agreement that enabled better decision-making for smooth operations. The digital solution helps in collecting all the data of the drive performance including operating parameters, and fault events. The technology delivers accurate, real-time information about the drive events to ensure the equipment is available, reliable, and maintainable. This has helped Jämtkraft in staying one step ahead and identify any possible failures before they occur. In case a failure is detected, the ABB service team will remotely access the drives and troubleshoot them.

“ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring, which was recently installed, allows us to monitor and evaluate the performance and operating conditions of our equipment, alerting us to potential problems. This enables us to simply schedule maintenance, avoiding unexpected downtime, unplanned stoppage, and lost output,” added Anders Gjerstad.  

1Based on internal ABB calculations, performed at the Corporate Research Center in Sweden


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