Kinectrics’ state-of-the-art grid simulation laboratory is based on ABB technology

Kinectrics’ state-of-the-art grid simulation laboratory is based on ABB technology

The GridSim Power Lab at Kinectrics’ campus in Toronto, Canada, offers world-class facilities. Totaling 6,000 square feet in area, it has a 75 metric ton overhead crane with 70 foot vertical free-space height. The two independent test bays and control rooms provide testing at power levels up to 10 MVA with precise instrumentation to measure and record the results.

GridSim supports testing and certification of medium voltage, medium power equipment, including inverters, rectifiers, transformers, generators, motors and energy storage systems (ESS). The two test bays can be used completely independently or combined, depending on the power level, needed footprint and other considerations.

“Kinectrics’ GridSim Power lab is equipped to be a leader in the dynamic megawatt-class equipment testing space for product type testing and certification,” says David Harris, President and CEO of Kinectrics. “GridSim’s team of highly experienced engineers, leveraging ABB’s ACS6000 converter technology, work alongside global manufacturers to bring products to market quickly and cost effectively. As the world moves toward a greener grid and transit gets further electrified, Kinectrics intends to remain at the cutting edge of such developments.”
  • Image courtesy of Kinectrics GridSim Power lab
  • Image courtesy of Kinectrics GridSim Power lab

Highly engineered solution

ABB supplied its PEGS (Power Electronics Grid Simulator) solution for GridSim, which consists of an ACS6000 power converter extensively adapted for the specific application and equipped with a dedicated controller and software. In addition to the ACS6000 converter, ABB supplied the input and output transformers, and the output filter. The system can provide either one or two discrete and independent outputs, and is highly engineered for the application, including over dimensioning and provision of multiple taps to offer the widest range of possible test object voltages.

“We supplied our first power converter for a grid simulation system around ten years ago,” says Kai Pietilaeinen, Global Segment Manager, ABB. “Grid simulation is a field where it’s essential to have close technical collaboration with the customer. We need a deep understanding of what they want to test and how. Once we have all the information, we engineer the solution to their exact needs.”

‘It is very motivating and rewarding for our ABB System Drives project specialists and engineers in Canada to participate jointly with our clients in the realization of large-scale, state-of-the-art projects. This allows us to go beyond our limits and prepare ourselves for the technical challenges of tomorrow.’ – Martin Royer – Local Division Manager, System Drives Canada

Growing penetration of renewables

A major factor behind the increasing need for grid testing is the growing penetration of renewables in the power mix. Testing is performed to ensure that equipment meets grid codes and complies with the relevant standards.

The laboratory’s large-scale grid simulation capabilities enable Kinectrics to offer type-test certifications across industries, including rail transit for traction power systems up to 12 MVA tested against IEEE standards.

Kinectrics is a leader in providing life cycle management services for the electricity industry. With over 1,000 engineers and technical experts, its expertise covers engineering, testing, inspection and certification. It is headquartered in Toronto and has 20 facilities in six different countries.


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