ABB & channel partner Contro-Net team up to support ESAB’s facilities

The ABB Ability™ System 800xA distributed control system will improve mixing process, enhance system reliability and reduce maintenance costs

Credits: ESAB
Credits: ESAB

ABB and its long-time channel partner Contro-Net Kft (Contro-Net), a Hungary-based engineering services company came together to provide a cost-effective, fully integrated solution for ESAB’s dry and wet powder mixing facilities in Mor, Hungary.  ESAB is a world leader in the production of welding and cutting equipment and consumables.

“We have been working with ABB for more than two decades now and have been aware of its portfolio of automated control systems and solutions. Our trusted relationship allowed us to work together and effectively detect the customer’s pain points and devise a state-of-the-art solution for ESAB,” Andras Ujfaludi, Managing Director, Contro -Net Kft said.

Solid cooperation to provide integrated control systems for higher productivity

ABB is one of the leading companies in providing a fully integrated distributed control system (DCS) that acts as the backbone of any plant. ABB and Contro-Net’s expertise and knowledge have become the cornerstone of their success in modernizing industrial companies and streamlining their operations for better profit margins.

Taking this collaboration to new heights, in January 2021 ABB Energy Industries, Hungary and Contro-Net won the contract for ESAB to develop a new production management system that will replace the old one at the customer’s plants. As a part of the project, ABB will be supplying the ABB Ability™ 800xA control system, ABB Panel 800 and ABB AC 800M controller.

The ABB 800xA system is not only a DCS but also an Electrical Control System, a Safety system and a collaboration enabler with the capacity to improve engineering efficiency, operator performance and asset utilization. Adding to the package is the ABB AC 800M controller, which is designed to achieve high availability for control applications in the process industry, with a broad set of communication functions as well as full redundancy and support for a wide range of I/O systems. Its block library includes several types of control loops, including advanced control and auto-tune capabilities as well as integration for ABB drives and motors.

The ABB Ability System 800xA ensures that the materials used in the wet and dry mixing process are recorded and tracked while releasing an analysis of the production data aided by graphs and reports including measurement accuracy and daily production report.

Enhanced benefits from ABB’s automation solutions

The modernization of the existing production management system at ESAB’s facilities with ABB’s advanced solutions will enable optimization of the powder mixing process, improved production scheduling, and extended life-cycle management of the system with a significant reduction in maintenance costs. In addition, ABB’s systems and solutions will increase data transparency and help in leveraging new technologies.

“Our long-standing relationship with our channel partner Contro-Net who have been deploying ABB control systems for more than 20 years has helped us win the ESAB’s contract. With this contract we look to expand our footprint in the industry and strengthen our market position as a key provider of advanced DCS and automation solutions,” Bence Toth Cluster Local Division Manager Hungary, ABB Energy Industries noted.


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