The energy to do good: ABB and Carter Wind collaborate for portable wind power

The power to do good

Carter Wind is changing the game in wind energy with their advanced, two-blade wind turbines utilizing a self-erecting, guyed tower design that eliminates the need for cranes. The result is a turbine that is cheaper to install, simpler to transport, and easier to maintain, making it an ideal solution for remote locations that typically rely on diesel-powered generation.

Carter Wind’s lightweight, self-erecting, two-blade wind turbine design is downwind oriented to push the blades away from the tower. This design reduces fatigue loads and allows the use of soft, flexible blades and a guyed tower design. This combination of features produces a product that is a good match for midsize, distributed wind markets and on-site wind generation.

“Empowerment is the idea on which Carter Wind Turbines was built. Because we believe wind energy works best when it works in everyone’s best interest.” Says Matt Carter, President & CEO Carter Wind.

Carter Wind utilizes ABB ACS880 wind converters on the latest version wind turbines, which offer simple and safe operation with an all-compatible user interface, saving commissioning and learning time. Designed for use in harsh applications, the ACS880 is an ideal solution for wind turbine applications. ABB AC880 converters have built-in features to improve efficiency and reduce energy usage and CO₂ emissions. The ACS880 is compatible with virtually all motors and contains communication capabilities with all major automation networks.

“ABB and Carter Wind are aligned in their goal to provide sustainable solutions accessible to all,” states Douglas Ferrate, U.S. Power and Metals Segment Manager, ABB. “We are excited to be on this journey.”

The Carter Wind advantage

Inspired by helicopters - created by engineers.

An energy-to-weight advantage is achieved by integrating helicopter technology with advanced engineering. The self-erecting guyed tower design eliminates the need for large cranes, reducing the cost of wind generated renewable energy.

Two-blade technology

A two-blade, teetering rotor design reduces many of the loads encountered by three-blade turbines, while producing four times the energy per pound of equipment weight versus conventional designs.

Better access to offshore winds than conventional multi-blade designs

The floating design can be positioned in waters without the fatigue challenges of conventional three-blade designs impacted by sea-induced motion.

Over three generations in the business

Carter Wind has practically pioneered wind energy, having successfully engineered and manufactured wind turbines longer than anyone.

Bringing the technology to market


With more than 50 years of wind energy experience, Carter is a pioneer of the lightweight, self-erecting, two-blade wind turbine design.


Carter Wind continues to adapt wind technology to meet market needs through advanced engineering and heavy testing in different environments.

Introduction to market

Carter Wind plans to introduce the portable wind turbine to the market in Q4 2022.


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