ABB drives increase energy efficiency and improve access to clean water in Vietnam

ABB drives increase energy efficiency and improve access to clean water in Vietnam

Access to clean water has posed a challenge to the growth of the Kim Dong district in the Northern region of Vietnam. A new water treatment plant is providing safe and secure water supply for several communes and industrial zones. ABB drives are playing a major role in boosting the performance, reliability and energy efficiency of the pumping operations in the water plant.

Hung Yen province has experienced robust economic growth since late 1990s, thanks to the inflow of foreign direct investment. However, behind its success is an effort to redefine the province’s economic resilience through the development of satellite areas such as the Kim Dong district to mitigate overconcentration of investment in Hanoi. Located in Vietnam’s northern region, Kim Dong’s economy has been traditionally rooted in agriculture and forestry but is gaining momentum as an industrial hub for paper, fertilizer, manufacturing and hardware assembly.

The management of water resources in the Kim Dong district has however not grown in tandem with its increasing expansion and population. Compounded by climate change vulnerabilities, occasional flooding, pollution of surface and groundwater, as well as inadequate infrastructure, the area is faced with unrelenting pressure which is straining the economy.

In order to address the multiple challenges impeding its growth, the Kim Dong surface water treatment plant was initiated in 2019. Built by Clean Water Ngoc Tuan – Nagaoka Company Limited with a total investment of 400BVND, the plant takes water from Hong River. With a design capacity of 20,000 CM per day, the plant will enhance living standards for about 2 industrial zones and 12 commune users while ensuring long term sustainability for the Kim Dong district.

Proven ABB drives technology delivers results

Ngoc Tuan Water’s main priority was ensuring high efficiency and uninterrupted operations, and to this end, ABB joined forces with an established local system integrator for water treatment - Systems Joint Stock Company, which is also an ABB Value Provider partner, to deliver a optimum variable speed drive solution. A total of 28 pcs of ABB ACQ580 water industry drives were installed at raw water intake and boosting stations to ensure efficient functionality by allowing the pumps to be precisely controlled to match demands. According to calculations the ABB drives have incresed energy efficiency approximately 20 to 30% opposite using more conventional fixed speed control solutions. In elevating the plant’s performance further, several ABB ACS310 general purpose drives were also installed together with ABB softstarter and instrumentation products.

“The concerted efforts taken today to address Kim Dong sustainable water management underpins our mindfulness to not only enhance socioeconomic development in Hung Yen province, but more importantly, build our future resilience and improve quality of life for local communities,” said Mr.Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Clean Water Ngoc Tuan – Nagaoka Company Limited Director.

“In order to achieve this, we looked at two key priorities. The first is deploying good equipment which will fit seamlessly with the plant control system to ensure reliability and uninterrupted supply. The second is realizing Vietnam’s commitment in providing access to clean drinking water to all its citizens by 2030. We wanted to ensure that we work with the right partners to achieve this vision while lowering energy cost and carbon footprint.” said Mr Nguyen Van Hieu, General Director of System Joint Stock Company.

“We approached this project with the point of view of optimizing the performance and energy efficiency of key equipment in the plant. The collaborative spirit to achieve a win-win outcome resonated strongly. By listening and drawing on each other’s expertise, we were able to contribute to the Song Lo Surface Water Treatment Plant success and Vietnam’s broader sustainability goals,” said Nguyen Cong Tam, Account Manager of ABB Vietnam for northern region.

Vietnam and the bustling northern region present a dynamic market and an attractive destination to foreign and private investors. However, key to its long-term success is safe and sustainable access to clean water, and this is outlined in the national strategy which targets clean water for all by 2045.


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