Connecting With Our Valued Partners

Connecting With Our Valued Partners

ABB highlights global strategy and strengthens commitment to distribution channels

The ABB Electrification Distributor Summit 2022 is an opportunity to connect with our valued distributors and partners all over the world. This year in Lima we shared our vision of how we want to collaborate with our partners to strengthen the electrification industry.

ABB’s distribution partners around the world are an essential part of ABB’s success, not only as a vital artery to our customers, but sharing valuable insights and feedback. Our latest Distributor Summit was held in Lima, Peru, and brought together over 30 representatives of the electrification sector to discuss ABB’s plans for the next year and gain valuable feedback from our distributors about how ABB can better serve them, and their customers.

The Summit was held by ABB’s Global Head of Distribution Channel, Vincent Hurel, who presented ABB’s global vision, strategy, and product roadmap for the next year.

“Nowadays, we have an active presence in more than 40 countries, and the Distribution area alone represents more than 50% of the total sales of ABB's Electrification Business. Likewise, we have grown in this part of the world throughout 2022, our objective is to work hand in hand with the entire community, so getting their feedback on our plans for the future is incredibly beneficial to our mutual success” he said.

On the other hand, during his speech, Hugo Valdés, Country Commercial Leader of ABB’s Electrification Business in Peru, talked about the global trends that are driving the electrification market in the world which offer favorable business opportunities in the sector.

  • ABB’s Global Head of Distribution Channel, Vincent Hurel and Hugo Valdés, Country Commercial Leader of ABB’s Electrification Business in Peru

“Cloud-Based Data Processing, World Population Growth and the increasing Demand for Electricity are the main 3 global trends in the market. We need to keep up and continue to generate business opportunities together, based on respect, individuality, and transparency with our distributors”, he pointed out.

He also mentioned the objectives and key growth areas of ABB’s Electrification Business “We are happy to be working with such a solid network of distributors. Together with our partners, we can extend our presence into new segments of the electrification industry.”

The event also focused on the role of regions to shape the future of cities with a strong focus into Peru as the hosting country of the event. Hugo claimed that “The demand for electrification business and solutions has gained ground in the residential segment, representing 80% compared to the decrease of large projects, which creates an opportunity in smart buildings. Similarly, e-mobility in Peru should follow the same trend as its peers in the region, which would increase demand. However, this requires the support of governments”.

Political economic landscape

The event was also attended by the economic expert and former economy ex minister, Miguel Castilla, who provided an insight into the international situation, analysis of the Peruvian context in the last half of the year, as well as medium-term conditions and perspectives on the dynamics in the country in economic matters.

“It is predicted that Peru will remain one of the countries with the greatest growth potential in the region and with macroeconomic strengths, as well as continuity”, he concluded.

The economic expert and former economy ex minister, Miguel Castilla
The economic expert and former economy ex minister, Miguel Castilla




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