Greener in Motion: Interview with David Ortiz from Soler & Palau México

Greener in Motion: Interview with David Ortiz from Soler & Palau México

Soler & Palau, or S&P, was founded in 1951 in Ripoll, Spain, near Barcelona, and has grown to six development centers and 25 factories worldwide. S&P is a fan manufacturer and partners with air-handling OEMs to allow customers to buy complete systems. Soler & Palau Mexico, located in Puebla, about 100km (60 miles) southeast of Mexico City, has been an ABB customer for three years. ABB’s Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium integrated motor-drive systems and inverter duty HVAC motors power many of S&P’s air-handling units. These units help address air quality and health needs by increasing filtration in indoor environments in residential and commercial buildings. OEMs demand high performance from S&P, and S&P demands high performance from its motors. ABB’s ability to meet these needs, coupled with the company’s commitment to corporate values and customer service, played a vital part in S&P choosing ABB motors.

S&P’s mission is to enable people to breathe better, cleaner air, and to do so in a sustainable manner with a customer-first approach. This philosophy guides the company’s product development of more efficient systems that reduce environmental impact through sustainable raw material sourcing, manufacturing processes, waste reduction and recovery and recycling programs.

Soler & Palau’s manufacturing facilities use advanced production techniques such as micro-turbines that capture and reuse heat to create electrical power, solar panels that reduce reliance on industrial grids and facility operations that have earned ISO 9000 certifications. The desire to strengthen and celebrate these sustainability activities influenced Soler & Palau’s action to join the Energy Efficiency Movement, an initiative that brings together corporations and organizations from around the world through a commitment to decreasing environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions.

David Ortiz is S&P Mexico’s technical director and is leading the company’s adoption of more energy-efficient, regenerative and adaptive products and processes. In our latest video, Mr. Ortiz explains how Soler & Palau is taking steps now to lead the way to a future of environmental conservation, cleaner air and water, better public health, energy independence and stronger economic growth and development.

View the video below in Spanish with English subtitles.


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