Turkish utility chose hands-on training for optimal network protection

Turkish utility chose hands-on training for optimal network protection

Electric utility Dicle EDAS considers comprehensive training to be a primary criterion when selecting new medium-voltage power distribution protection products.

In Turkey, as in many other countries, distributed energy resources are increasing rapidly. From the network protection point of view, this means increased complexity and more challenges to ensure power quality and supply reliability. The everchanging network structure puts more emphasis on protection relays, particularly when commissioning or programming devices.

Protection and control relays are devices with multiple functions and application possibilities, and the technology around the devices is rapidly increasing to support changes to the power grid. To stay abreast of these technical advances, many end users need after-sales support such as training offered by the relay supplier.

ABB’s training program in distribution solutions includes both webinars and classroom trainings for example in the newly upgraded facilities in Finland with the latest devices like SSC600 and REX640.

Learnings from top experts

Earlier this year Nedim Tüzün, deputy general manager at Dicle EDAS, spent three days at ABB’s relay factory in Vaasa, Finland. He participated in the training program tailored for the distribution utilities from Turkey where ABB has a large installed base.

Mr Tüzün was very pleased with the knowledge shared by ABB’s top experts during the training.

“ABB’s unique multifrequency admittance (MFA) - based earth-fault protection might be relevant in Turkish distribution networks. It was very convincing to learn how the theory of the MFA has been verified in the real networks,” commented Nedim Tüzun..

Distributed energy changes the networks

Another interesting training topic was the centralized protection concept based on the SSC600 device. Tüzün sees that the concept will be an answer to many challenges in the future networks. Those challenges are leading Dicle EDAS into the latest trends with ring type networks.

“The regulators are supporting the trend and due to that more intelligence will be integrated into the network. In that aspect, one of the critical functions is the accurate fault location indication,” he stated, regarding the needs of utilities.

“The integration of renewable energies into power networks requires evolving smarter grid solutions. We prepare our customers for the challenges and opportunities of the future and support them across the full product lifecycle to enable them to do more with their assets,” said Alessandro Palin, managing director of ABB’s Distribution Solutions business.

“Besides great technology, we value ABB’s support, including its after sales support. The online training and in the classroom are both good, but I personally like more the classroom training. It’s more intensive and will give you a better understanding about the topic. There is a mutual benefit as well because we can provide feedback to the supplier to help make their relays even better,” said the Turkish customer.


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