New variable speed drives help water pumping installations overcome their harmonic challenges

ABB's ACQ580 ultra-low harmonic drives incorporate an effective harmonic reduction method. No additional filters or special transformers are needed.

ACQ580 ultra-low harmonic drives are available as wall-mounted and drive module variants
ACQ580 ultra-low harmonic drives are available as wall-mounted and drive module variants

ABB’s ACQ580 range of variable speed drives (VSDs), developed specifically for pumping applications in the water and wastewater industry, now includes an ultra-low harmonic (ULH) version. This new drive ensures reliable operation even in unstable power supply conditions by keeping the network clean from troublesome harmonics.

The use of VSDs with motors that operate pumps and blowers offer major benefits for a water plant, including enhanced energy efficiency, better control and reliability of operations. The issue is that VSDs can also introduce harmonics into the electrical network

Harmonics can damage sensitive electronic equipment, trip circuit breakers, blow fuses and cause capacitor failures. They can also interfere with communication systems and cause false readings on measurement devices. In the worst cases, harmonics cause costly process interruptions.

The traditional approach to tackle problems created by harmonics is to add filters, multipulse transformers or over-dimensioning equipment. However, the ABB ACQ580 doesn’t need external filters or any special equipment.

“The new ABB drive has harmonic mitigation built-in, including an active supply unit and integrated low harmonic line filter,” says Simo Niskanen, Drives Product Manager, ABB. “Compared to a conventional drive, the ACQ580 ULH can reduce harmonic content down to 3% THDI (total harmonic distortion of current).”

The ACQ580 is also compatible with ABB Ability™ monitoring services, which enables customers to obtain real-time data about the drive status and performance from any location. The drive has a protection class up to IP55, and comes with multiple built-in functions, e.g. the pump cleaning function that lowers manual cleaning costs and reduces downtime.

ACQ580 ULH VSDs are available as wall-mounted and drive module variants, with a power and voltage range from 4 to 355 kilowatt (kW) and 380 to 480 volts (V). The series comes with ABB’s life-cycle service offering, which includes engineering support, repairs and proactive service plans.

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