Safety steps up in stadium emergency lighting

Safety steps up in stadium emergency lighting

With entertainment stadiums regularly playing host to thousands of spectators, safety is the priority at centre stage when it comes to the continual evolution of emergency lighting solutions.

From theatres to sports stadiums, entertainment venues are thrust into the limelight every time they host major shows and events. The headline may be the stars on display, but it's the logistical feat of ushering huge crowds in and out, with efficiency and a critical eye on safety, that is the unsung hero. Here, the advancements made by ABB’s Emergency Lighting team offer even greater assurance to developers and facilities managers.

Stand-out safety solutions

ABB’s Stanilite® portfolio has been chosen by more than 30 of Australia’s major entertainment venues in the last decade alone, representing in excess of 350,000 stadiums seats offering the industry’s most assured occupant safety at all times.

The Emergency Lighting team has continued to raise the bar on safety by making advancements in the three critical areas of performance, reliability and end-user design thinking.

“Stadiums are a superb example of why safety is the greatest priority in emergency lighting – and the first focus of our ongoing research and development (R&D),” said Stephen Charlton, Global Product Manager (Asia) Emergency Lighting. “In a matter of hours, a stadium can go from nearly empty to packed and back again, and that creates a crunch point that means emergency lighting simply cannot fail on any of performance, reliability or user-friendliness.”

The team is leading in technology integration, with hardware that uses the latest in LED and lithium iron phosphate battery technologies. LED technology offers the benefits of long life, low power consumption, and energy and maintenance savings, while the long-life lithium battery solution is widely regarded as the safest and most reliable battery technology.

When delivered under ABB’s stringent manufacturing standards, the result is market leadership in compliance with the latest standards. Importantly, the same R&D team is continually improving Stanilite’s Economy and Platinum ranges, providing greater choice without compromise.

Efficient, remote monitoring

With the Stanilite Platinum range, the efficiency of Nexus RF® remote monitoring software provides another significant win for facilities managers that further empowers safety. Facilities managers gain a single view of their emergency lighting performance, enabling the fastest response times for maintenance.

Through the new, landmark Nexus RF Infinity, they can further extend the product lifecycle. For example, reduced hardware installation means less ongoing maintenance and lower failure rates. Over the expanse of large stadiums, benefits such as mobile phone report distribution drive additional value because maintenance teams can deliver their work with greater efficiency while managers stay connected to the big picture of the network’s performance.

For facilities managers with existing Nexus RF installations, the priority placed on backwards compatibility means they can make the switch to Infinity without any changes to hardware. That backwards compatibility enables the reuse of existing fittings that otherwise have years of continued value in them, placing the focus on purely upgrading firmware to leverage Infinity’s capabilities.

Diverse portfolio to suit venue priorities

From concert halls and football stadiums, major venues challenge the limits of emergency lighting through the sheer extremes of their conditions.

ABB’s improved Stanilite Economy and Platinum emergency lighting ranges provide a broad portfolio to suit each venue’s priorities. The team’s local R&D capability is continually driving improvements and innovations, drawing on the global network across ABB. For local clients, that means they are accessing international leadership but with absolute tailoring and relevance to Australian and New Zealand standards.

For major outdoor stadiums, particularly with localised climate and weather in mind, features such as impact-resistant, waterproof or frost-proof capabilities are critical to safety assurance by providing year-round certainty. One example is the Platinum weatherproof LED batten with Nexus compatibility. With a weatherproof rating of IP65, it offers the long-life and low-maintenance benefits synonymous with Stanilite, alongside the option of energy-efficient and cost-effective motion detect sensor capability.

For theatre venues showcasing state-of-the-art architectural design, ABB’s recent emphasis on aesthetics offers a key point of difference. While all products present Stanilite’s modern look and feel, the Evago® range is the standout solution. The frameless design was first developed by ABB’s Netherlands team and then adapted by the Australian R&D team to suit local standards. With clear visibility in high and low ambient light environments, and viewing distances of 24 to 40 metres, the slimline design enables a uniform, bright distribution of light for optimal safety assurance, alongside a value-adding minimalist visual aesthetic.

North Queensland stadium showcases Stanilite value

In 2020, Townsville’s 25,000-capacity Queensland Country Bank Stadium opened to an Elton John concert – a fitting first showcase of its advanced design. The venue is home to the North Queensland Cowboys but is designed as a multi-purpose venue.

It presented the ultimate challenge to ABB – design values via Cox Architecture’s concept, double-tiered stands expandable to 30,000 in the future, a semi-open roof able to withstand cyclonic winds, and all the usual priorities that come with major venues.

The range and choice offered through Stanilite, and ease of installation, were initial priorities. However, ease of maintenance and longevity across the stadium’s lifetime were quickly identified as essential. Stanilite’s ability to offer a proven product suited to North Queensland’s warmer climate, and leading manufacturing quality, were among the advantages. The ABB team also provided a consultant to support the design phase, ensuring design requirements were tightly matched to construction and ongoing operations outcomes.

For developers and facilities managers, Stanilite’s value doesn’t end there. Clients gain the best of ABB’s 45 years of engineering history and experience, savings such as easier and faster installations, and whole-of-life value through ongoing cost efficiency. It presents the leading choice for entertainment venues.


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