ABB launches new version of ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for hoists – providing agile and secure remote support worldwide

The digital service, harnessing data monitoring of key performance indicators enabled by specialized cloud-based edge computing, will further minimize risk of hoist failure, improve uptime and provide predictive maintenance insights and remote support to underground mine operators

Global technology company ABB has launched a new version of its ABB Ability Performance Optimization for hoists, a digital service designed to improve uptime, availability, performance and productivity of mine hoists by providing actionable information on key performance indicators (KPIs). Hosted on the ABB Ability™ Edgenius Dashboard application, it enables quick analysis and insights into any plant operation.

The dashboards have been created to show crucial information from the hoists with KPIs organized into the categories of performance, supervision and safety, which resulted from collaboration between customers and ABB experts. Additionally, the solution platform is more flexible, scalable and fulfils the highest levels of cybersecurity.

Predictive analysis of a mine hoist’s condition prevents operations from unexpected, time-consuming and costly shutdowns. Using ABB Ability Performance Optimization for hoists, ABB’s mining customers can work towards condition-based monitoring. Data is automatically collected, segregated and managed, then securely monitored and analyzed to generate actionable insights that can increase production performance, identify safety hazards, and provide optimized maintenance scheduling.

ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for hoists will provide agile and secure remote support worldwide
ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for hoists will provide agile and secure remote support worldwide

The Performance Optimization service connects the customers' mine hoists enterprise-wide with experts located remotely in ABB’s Collaborative Operations Centers, or on site. Mine hoists are monitored 24/7 so potential problems are identified before they occur, and necessary actions can be made at the right time. This improves the availability of the equipment and the overall safety of mining operations.

With immediate availability to existing customers, the new ABB Ability™ Edgenius Dashboard cloud-based solution forms part of a digitalized way of working with reports and increases transparency. The dashboards are available and secured within the ABB Ability™ cloud. Customers can follow ABB actions as they happen, collaborate and learn more closely, but also remotely. This reduces the requirement for in-person maintenance visits and travel, saving time and lowering ABB’s carbon footprint.

“What we have done is create a cyber-secure bridge between the information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) elements of our mine hoist customers’ businesses,” said Bengt Hedlund, Global Service Manager Hoisting at ABB. “This is how we are progressing across our customer base and it is creating more connected infrastructure, more collaborative relationships and greater transparency in terms of real-time data reporting and actions.

“We can set KPIs with customers and monitor progress. If something does not fit in the hoisting process and it is not performing to the optimum levels expected we can make changes quickly.”

ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for hoists improves accessibility, performance and productivity for mine hoists by collecting and analyzing data from various operating points, and KPIs such as the mine hoist’s cycle time, filling and dumping time, as well as safety brake system and supervision of the hoist protections. The results can also be used as a basis for optimizing the hoist’s availability, which provides the opportunity to increase production.

ABB recently launched ABB Ability™ Safety Plus for hoists, a suite of mine hoist safety products that brings the highest level of personnel and equipment safety available to the mining industry. The products include Safety Plus Hoist Monitor (SPHM), Safety Plus Hoist Protector (SPHP) and Safety Plus Brake System (SPBS) including Safety Brake Hydraulics (SBH). This suite can be used to transfer performance data and test results to ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for hoists for further analysis. The field data (speed, position, brake pressure, temperature, time, actuator position) is sensed and subjected to analysis to allow site engineers to identify any discrepancies or plausibility and take remedial actions.

ABB offers safe, optimized and fit-for-purpose hoisting solutions designed by mining engineering teams, and has almost 130 years of experience in hoisting with more than 1,000 hoisting solutions installed worldwide. Digitally connected with ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for hoists, ABB hoisting solutions provides highest availability and productivity.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries.

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