ABB’s flexible Relion® 620 series protection relays to support IEC 61850 Edition 2 for deeper interoperability

ABB is extending the application coverage of the Relion 620 protection and control series of relays to meet the requirements of renewable energy from distributed generation units. A unique protection against earth faults in cable networks for higher sensitivity and selectivity is also introduced.

The 620 series now also supports Edition 2 of the IEC 61850 standard for communication and interoperability of substation automation devices, bringing substantial benefits in terms of extended interoperability. Also IEC 61850-9-2 LE process bus with sending sampled values of both analog voltages and currents, together with receiving sampled values of voltages, is introduced. The sampled values can be used for synchro-check to ensure safe interconnection of two networks, both in conventional instrument transformer applications as well as sensor-based applications for digital switchgears.

In response to today's cable networks requiring higher sensitivity and selectivity, the already impressive earth-fault protection portfolio of the 620 series is expanded with ABB's unique multifrequency admittance-based protection. This all-in-one protection is intended for all types of earth faults, including transient and intermittent ones, and combines both reliability and sensitivity in one protection function. Introducing a fault locator allows advanced and fast fault location of both short circuits and earth faults.

To further ensure grid stability and reliability at times when distributed generation units, such as solar and wind farms, are being directly connected to the grid and growing in both size and number, an interconnection protection package is introduced. Other application extensions include a directional power protection package for basic motor protection, a capacitor bank protection package for single and double star-connected capacitor banks and high-impedance based busbar protection, to further strengthen the maximum functionality offering. Also the motor application coverage has been extended and now includes synchronous motors.

The 620 series relays are characterized by their functional scalability, compactness and withdrawable plug-in unit design. They share the same HMI look and feel as is true for all the members of the other Relion product family. ABB ensures full support for all protection and control relays throughout their entire lifecycle, offering extensive life cycle services that include training, customer support, maintenance and modernization.

For more information, please visit the REF620, RET620 and REM620 pages pages, or use the Relion® Interactive Selection Guide for a convenient and an interactive overview of the whole Relion product family offering.


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