How much can you save by having the right motor in the right environment?

ABB Food safe stainless steel motors reduce downtime while maintaining hygiene standards. An easy-to-use calculator shows how to save costs by selecting the right motor.

ABB’s Food safe stainless steel motors are designed to last in the harsh washdown conditions required in food and beverage plants. Choosing the right motor helps prevent downtime, improve plant reliability and reduce costs, when standard motors in a similar environment typically only last a few weeks. ABB’s online calculator easily works out how much money can be saved if motors are able to run without failure.

For example, 10 standard motors may need to be replaced every year. There is around a $350 service cost for replacing a motor with production downtime estimated at one hour per motor failure. Downtime is estimated at $1,000 per hour and the savings are calculated over a five-year time span. Therefore, in this example, a customer can save $91,500 in five years by replacing standard motors with Food safe stainless steel motors.

The rationale is simple: standard motors are not designed to withstand the tough cleaning chemicals and high-pressure sprays needed to maintain hygiene standards in the food and beverage industry. The humid atmosphere from routine cleaning causes moisture to form inside the motor casing which leads to failure. Aggressive cleaning also causes paint to flake and corrodes the motor enclosures. This can all lead to costly downtime in a plant.

“Food safe motors are so easy to clean it takes less time and saves water,” says Tero Helpio, Global Product Manager, IEC Food safe motors, ABB. “These motors are extremely reliable and this reduces maintenance costs and downtime, while also significantly reducing the risk of bacterial contamination.” 

ABB’s Food safe motors are specifically designed for applications that need frequent cleaning. The motors have an IP69 water protection rating and the encapsulated winding ensures they can endure the cleaning required to uphold hygiene standards. The external surfaces of the motors are self-draining with no crevices and markings are laser etched onto the frame. This design removes any channels or ridges where contaminants could accumulate.

Click here to test the calculator

Screen shot showing the calculator, click above link to test.
Screen shot showing the calculator, click above link to test.


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