The sixth annual ABB Experience event deepens collaboration with distributors

The sixth annual ABB Experience event deepens collaboration with distributors

  • Through its motto "Towards a better future", ABB Experience, the annual meeting with distributors of electrical equipment, is once again held in person after a two-year hiatus.
  • The event has shown the future of electrification and how smart buildings shape our cities in a more sustainable future and in a challenging environment.
  • ABB Experience recognizes the important role that electrical equipment distributors play in achieving a smarter society and meeting its strategy and objectives.

Under the slogan "Towards a better future", on October 25, 2022 in the Green Patio space in Madrid, the sixth edition of 'ABB Experience' was held with distributors of electrical equipment. ABB has shared with its partners its strategy to face the challenges of the market, the action plan and the news of the organization for the coming years. The event has also covered aspects related to sustainability, agility and omnichannel, such as management requirements in the new environment.

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Alfonso González, General Director of ABB's Electrification business in Spain, kicked off the event by highlighting key aspects of ABB's strategy as a leading technology company and its focus on electrification: "At ABB we want to celebrate that we are here again sharing our time with you the distributors. We have to celebrate it because the environment has given us difficult challenges to overcome, and we have done it together. Changes are accelerating and the need for companies to combine a long-term vision with short-term management increases. As a leading company, we believe in the power of working together. Markets grow or shrink, open and close customers, new technologies challenge traditional business models and enable us to help our clients successfully navigate the operational challenges we face today." This belief is what he sees at the core of our strategic plan.

Alfonso González, General Director of ABB's Electrification business
Alfonso González, General Director of ABB's Electrification business

In addition to Alfonso's words, Ruth Solozábal, Commercial Director of ABB's Electrification business in Spain, highlighted: "Our key objective is to provide safe, intelligent and sustainable electrification for our customers and partners. We renew our commitment to distribution, a commitment that will require us to integrate more logistically, in e-commerce and in knowledge. The sum of the parts will be greater in value than the parts separately. Only in this way will we all continue to be a leading part of the sector. Leadership will be fundamental in this evolution process, in which the human teams of the companies must acquire new skills, using the power of digitization to offer customers integrated and holistic solutions, not just products.”

Solozábal has also highlighted that ABB's commitment to 2030 includes achieving carbon neutrality in its own operations and helping its customers reduce their CO2 emissions through its own ' Mission to Zero TM ' program. We will support our customers in reducing their annual CO2 emissions by at least 100 megatonnes , equivalent to the annual emissions of 30 million combustion cars.

The event was attended by Vincent Hurel, Global Director of the distribution channel of ABB Electrification, who delivered a presentation of future trends in said channel. Those attending ABB Experience were also been able to listen to Alejandra Martínez, an expert in cultural transformation, who has spoken to them about Smart Working, highlighting the need to form an agile and fast sector made up of more efficient companies, and adapted to the new environment.

To close the day, Paco Álvarez, Sales Manager of the Distribution channel at ABB Electrification in Spain, took the floor, making with his speech a journey towards digitization through innovation, and emphasizing the role of the distribution channel distribution: "You are the best channel to transfer the value of innovation, sustainability and prescribe in the market."

Among the flagship products presented, automation solutions such as the new ABB SmartTouch 10” control touch panel, winner of four international design awards, Welcome IP, the new KNX sensor system, and ABB Ability™ solutions , such as, for example, ABB Ability™ Building Ecosystem.

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