Merry-making made easy for Santa

Merry-making made easy for Santa

How our equipment can help Santa Claus improve his efficiency

Delivering presents to billions of people in a single night is a daunting task, which is why Santa thanks his lucky stars that Christmas comes but once a year.  

Here’s how our range of instruments and analyzers can help Santa find new ways to improve his performance, ensuring he and his reindeer are back home with their feet up before the sun rises.  

Before he starts his journey

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus
  • Recorders – With 2020 calling for new hygienic protocols, the elves have depended on paperless recorders to help swap some distillery and brewery processes to hand sanitizer production to get them ready for a socially distant delivery. But don’t worry, there are plenty of production facilities still making those holiday spirits to keep you in the holiday spirit.
  • Load cells – Santa’s sleigh has a heavy load. According to estimates, by the end of the night, a huge quantity of mince pies and milk are consumed bringing Santa’s weight to a staggering 1,000lb/450kg in weight. Add this to the weight of the presents and the scale is tipped to a whopping 60,000 tonnes/60,000,000kg. For a heavy load, you need a heavy-duty load sensor – providing reliable and accurate performance under extreme conditions, our strain gauges are the perfect solution for Santa’s sleigh.  
  • Ultrasonic level - Would you know how much water a reindeer needs to fly around the world? Santa does because he relies on the new ultrasonic level transmitters to measure the amount of water that goes in and out of the troughs, ensuring they get the optimal level before they begin the journey.

On his way

Down through the chimney with good St. Nick
  • Pitot tube flowmeters – To get all the deliveries completed, it is estimated that Santa would need to travel at 650 miles/1,000km per second! Widely used to measure the speed of aircraft, our pitot tube flowmeters are perfect for helping Santa make sure he’s travelling at the right pace.  
  • Wireless pressure transmitters make it easy for Santa to monitor air-pressure and see how much magic the reindeer need to propel themselves at 650 miles/second, and with a 10-year battery life, he can set it and forget it. Think of how happy the elves would be if their toys had that kind of battery life!    
  • Temperature sensors – Our sensors measure a full range of temperatures, from freezing cold to boiling hot, ideal for handling the trip across snowy forests, scorching deserts and everything in between. 
  • Laser level – If you’re going to jump down someone’s chimney, then it’s always good to know how far it will be to the bottom. Highly accurate over both short and long ranges, our laser level transmitters are on the job to help Santa prepare before he takes the plunge.

For peace of mind

Jolly old St. Nicholas
  • My Measurement Assistant – Is there anyone more in need of an assistant than Santa? Self-service and remote support is important for someone who is travelling the world, that’s why he relies on mobile apps like My Measurement Assistant so he can access guided tutorials for the onsite assembling of all those bikes and toy trains right from his mobile device.
  • Input/output (I/O) modules – Digitalization in Santa’s trip means that reliable connectivity sits at the heart of his operation. With multiple remote toy-making sites fulfilling those wish lists, I/O modules help him stay connected to those processes and monitor their production.  
  • pH sensors –Santa’s favorite part of his trip is to enjoy the milk and cookies left by the children. And, because he knows our pH sensors ensured the milk maintained a pH level higher than 6.7, he knows he’s getting the freshest refreshment to keep him going.

For the environment

  • Gas analyzers – Santa can do his bit for the environment throughout the year using our analyzers to measure methane emissions from reindeer. Consider it his annual reindeer emissions test.  
  • Our gas analysis equipment is also used on many of the satellites orbiting the Earth to gather data on atmospheric gases. Fitting it to Santa’s sleigh would help gather valuable data that can be used to help tackle climate change.
  • Closer to the ground, as he makes stops in urban and suburban areas, Santa can help maintain the safety of the community with ABB’s latest gas leak detection technology. It can be handheld, vehicle mounted, or even sleigh-mounted to detect natural gas leaks at speeds of up to 55mph/88km/h.

And with the Global ABB service network, there is support all over the world that is ready to help Santa perform the maintenance he needs to keep his route on track.  

Making his list and checking it twice has never been easier for Santa now that he is running his operation as efficiently as possible. His fully connected enterprise now uses systematic, advanced data analysis to improve joyfulness and delight children of all ages.

Merry-making, made easy.


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