Building Solutions for Residential

A smart home is where human effort is reduced significantly, with the home system learning from human activities to optimize energy efficiency, increase well-being and reduce costs.
ABB offers complete, integrated and smart solutions for residential buildings, aiming at lowering energy consumption, ensuring safety with cutting-edge technologies and increasing residents' well-being.

Why ABB Building Solutions for Residential?

Performance & Benefits

Precise monitoring of indoor conditions, based on occupiers' needs, generate electricity, water, and gas savings

Performance & Benefits

Optimal air quality, ideal lighting scenarios and thermal parameters help to guarantee comfort & well-being

Performance & Benefits
Cost of Ownership

Integrated home system monitoring home security and providing alarms to have complete transparency of costs

Performance & Benefits

Professional lighting, thermal comfort management, and maintaining air quality for home offices

Performance & Benefits

Complete flexibility for installers and homeowners for future changes and expansion.

Performance & Benefits

Respects resources, optimize energy and water use, and make your home last longer with quality systems.

Performance & Benefits

Elaborate functions with ease and simplicity, so that homes are safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable

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