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Educational institutions are facing new challenges as technology opportunities are setting the new normal. Are you ready to create the schools of the future?

ABB solutions ensure safety and well-being as a top priority, enabling facility managers to monitor facilities centralizing control, reducing downtime, improving efficiency and providing a safe and secure environment for teachers and students.

Why choosing ABB Building Solutions for Educational facilities?

Performance & Benefits

Seasonality, varying admission rates, event hosting, and lately sanitary regulations driven by the pandemic, are all contributing factors that force educational institutions to quickly adapt their buildings according to changing situations.

Performance & Benefits

Educational institutions often take leadership by setting forward ambitious sustainability goals. Such objectives are embedded in a holistic solution supported by technology, whether it be onsite renewable generation or innovative energy storage.

Performance & Benefits

In learning settings, comfort and concentration play a key role for students and professionals to be successful. Maintaining optimal values for thermal comfort, light level, sound level, and access to healthy spaces are a must for education.

Performance & Benefits

The high cost of utilities and staff required to maintain the facility running calls for predictive maintenance schemes based on continuous monitoring. Our solutions identify issues before they appear, so operators save money and lower the environmental impact.

Performance & Benefits

In the education context, where students and staff work long hours in the facilities, the quality of the building plays a crucial role for the output of their work. With the right conditions, occupier wellbeing and productivity are guaranteed.

Performance & Benefits
Cost of Ownership

Decreasing budgets and fluctuating energy costs remain a key concern for educational institutions. Even if owners do not necessarily focus on
increasing building value, identifying cost optimization opportunities can be at the forefront of their strategy.

Performance & Benefits

IT components operate with secure and reliable communication, protecting data, and preventing cyberattacks. Complex building applications can be operated centrally at the campus level. In the era of cloud and big data, integrating multiple building systems gives unprecedented control to operators.

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