Building Solutions for Retail & Mall

Retail is today an omnichannel experience. Have you ever wondered how technology can support you in creating an integrated approach for customers instore and online?

ABB solutions provide safety, health, comfort and well-being environments for employees, shoppers, and visitors. Make use of future-proof assets, data security, energy efficiency, superior indoor air quality and profitable costs for retail spaces.

Why choosing ABB Building Solutions for Retail & Mall?

Performance & Benefits

Build a scheduled lighting system across your mall for Lighting, HVAC and irrigation system and customize
each location.

Performance & Benefits

Make your supply chain sustainable providing electrical support for transportation and reduce CO2 emissions with energy efficiency.

Performance & Benefits

Maintain best air and water quality and enhance lightning comfort for your customers and employees.

Performance & Benefits

Achieve system operational efficiency for example reducing temperatures by just 1 °C and optimize your environment.

Performance & Benefits

Develop strategies that reflect trading hours and trends in occupancy across the time of day and seasonal shopping pattern.

Performance & Benefits
Cost of Ownership

Obtain full transparency of operational and maintenance costs, and keep consumptions monitored.

Performance & Benefits

Connect locations to the central system making it the ideal tool for monitoring and management of energy consumption.

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