ABB powers safe, smart, and sustainable solutions, applications and products for the food & beverage Industry

With 8 billion mouths to feed, the global food and beverage industry is continually challenged to produce more, waste less and cater to the constantly changing tastes of its consumers.

Producers need to accelerate time to market while maintaining high quality products and affordable prices. They are constantly searching for ways to be more efficient and reliable, while using fewer resources.

Having a safe, smart, sustainable electrical infrastructure is the underlying foundation for meeting these challenges. ABB’s vast experience in electrification makes us the ideal partner to power your future by harnessing our broad portfolio and the capabilities of digital technology.


Offerings rooted in values

ABB is committed to a core set of values that underpin our services and solutions for the food and beverage industry:


ABB puts safety first, providing products and solutions that protect people and assets in every food production environment.

  • People safety
  • Machine safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Safety in explosive atmosphere


People safety

Machine safety

Machine Safety Solutions

Electrical Safety

Safety in explosive atmosphere

Conduit systems, cable glands and accessories for hazardous areas

Food quality

ABB  helps producers ensure food quality with products that improve traceability and help prevent contamination.

  • Hygienic, food-safe equipment
  • Tracking & traceability


Hygienic, food-safe equipment

ABB food & beverage conduit system

Tracking & traceability

ABB Ty-Rap® Detectable cable ties

Production continuity

With global service capabilities, preventative maintenance and power continuity solutions, ABB keeps your operation up and running.

  • Robust equipment design
  • Preventative and optimized maintenance
  • Protective operation - softstarers
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Power quality
  • Transfer switching solutions


Preventative and optimized maintenance

Protective operations - softstarters


Uninterrupted power supply


By improving efficiency, reducing waste and working with renewable energy sources, ABB  helps food and beverage producers become cleaner and greener.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy management
  • Renewable energy sourcing and integration
  • Sustainably produced equipment
  • Life cycle extension for equipment
  • EV charging


Energy efficiency

Energy storage modules

Energy management

Renewable energy sourcing

EV charging

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